+30 Trendy Haircuts for Women Stylish Looks for 2024

The new year is a great time to update your hairstyle and choose a right Trendy Haircuts for Women. In 2024, the focus is on styles that are easy to care for but still make a big statement. You’ll see styles like chic bobs and daring pixies everywhere. These looks bring together old-school charm and new trends. Want to change things up with a big snip or just some added layers? These fresh styles will make you eager for your next salon visit. Get your year started right with one of these leading hairstyles for 2024.

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Trendy Haircuts for Women

The “Old Money” Bob

The “Old Money” bob has a soft, swishy cut with a strong border. It has few layers on the outside. This classic bob is more about how you style it. Create a big, full look that’s quietly elegant. It’s cut just below the chin to frame your face. Long bangs below the cheekbones make your eyes look bigger. If your face is round, the bangs should end just below your chin to not make your jaw look wider.

The ’90s Bob

Back from the 90s, we now have the glam bob, looking like Christy Turlington’s style. Its firm shape and gentle edges give the illusion of thicker hair. You can add a deep or middle part for more effect. It goes up to the jaw or touches the collarbone, making your neck look longer. To style this bob right, keep the volume at the top and maintain a neat edge.

Short and Sweet Styles

From collarbone-grazing lobs to jaw-skimming micro bobs, the versatile bob is a hit for 2024. Hairstylists suggest talking about face shape and lifestyle. This helps pick the best length. Longer bobs can make the face seem longer. Shorter ones can make cheeks look wider. For those with thick hair, adding layers can make a bob look soft. It also makes it easy to do at home.

Soft & Contoured Bobs

Giannetos recommends the timeless short bob for spring and summer. Model Jourdan Dunn showed off a stylish rounded bob. It was full of volume and made with a round brush. Quinlan noted the “boy bob” as a top style. It needs little styling.

Pushed-Forward Pixie Crops

The “bixie” haircut’s latest form is the pushed-forward pixie crop. It has varied lengths and textured top styled forward. These looks from the 60s, 80s, and 90s are androgynous and full of life. They give off an effortful coolness. “Shear shattering” can lighten the hair’s weight. It softens the look’s edges for an easy care finish.

Grown Out Fringes

Changing a fringe or moving to longer, shaping “Birkin Bangs” is big for 2024. It’s best to cut fringes when dry, to see cowlicks and how it shrinks. Avoiding a hard part makes styling easier. “Bottleneck bangs” are one choice. They’re shortest in the middle and longer at the sides. They draw attention to the face.


What are the latest hair trends for 2024?

In 2024, cool cuts that are easy to maintain are in style. Think of chic bobs, bold pixies, and older styles refreshed for today.

What is the “Old Money” bob?

The “Old Money” bob is sleek and timeless. It has a neat edge and not much layering. This style is simple yet makes a strong statement.

What’s the latest evolution of the “bixie” haircut?

The newest version of the “bixie” is the pushed-forward pixie. It has longer, styled hair at the top. This style looks cool and is easy to wear, drawing from past fashion decades.

What are “Birkin Bangs” and “bottleneck bangs”?

For 2024, bangs are going long. “Birkin Bangs” softly blend with the rest of the hair. “Bottleneck Bangs” start short and get longer by the sides, framing the face nicely.

How can clients find the most flattering bob length for their face shape?

Hair stylists advise talking about shape and daily routine. This helps pick the right bob length for anyone. Longer bobs can slim the face, while short ones can highlight cheekbones. Adding layers for texture gives a beautiful look, especially for thick hair.

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