In 2024, Long Pixie Cut Ideas are back in style, often referred to as “lixies.” These haircuts blend the daring essence of a classic pixie with a face-framing length. Trendy options abound, from bold red pixies with bangs to sweet blonde wavy lixies, ensuring there’s something for everyone this year. Regardless of your hair type, whether it’s thick or curly, a tailored long pixie can enhance your features effortlessly. Moreover, it’s low-maintenance, allowing for a seamless transition from sleek to laid-back styles, making it ideal for achieving a modern and fresh look.

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Key Takeaways

  • Long pixie cuts are a versatile and trendy hairstyle for 2024.
  • Lixies, or long pixie cuts, offer the edginess of a pixie with the flattering length around the face.
  • Long pixie cuts can be customized to flatter any face shape and hair type, from thick to thin to curly.
  • These low-maintenance cuts are easy to style, allowing for a polished or textured look.
  • Long pixie cuts are a modern, youthful hairstyle option for women in 2024.

Trendy Long Pixie Hairstyles to Embrace in 2024

The “bixie” is a stylish choice for 2024. It combines features of a long pixie and a classic bob. The neckline is short but the hair is longer around the face.

It suits women of all ages by mixing pixie boldness with bob elegance. This hairstyle is versatile and flattering. It highlights your face beautifully.

Asymmetrical Silver Pixie Bob

Consider the asymmetrical silver pixie bob for a unique look. It has a long fringe on one side. This asymmetry is enhanced by silver-gray colors, making it truly stand out.

Tapered Pixie Bob with Ash Blonde Highlights

For a gentle yet memorable look, go for the tapered pixie bob with ash blonde highlights. This style features soft, tapered layers. The addition of ash blonde highlights gives it a special touch.

Long Pixie Cut in Dreamy Lilac

Liven up your long pixie with dreamy lilac color. This color looks great with dark eyes and tan skin. The addition of silver hints brings out its shine.

Thin Hair Long Pixie Cut

Thin-haired women can still enjoy a long pixie cut. It’s styled with layers and bangs to appear thicker.

This long pixie has manageable layers. Adding lighter blonde shades also boosts the volume. It’s the perfect choice for those with fine hair.

Hottest Long Pixie Cut Ideas To Try

If you want a bold, fiery look, think about getting a red long pixie cut with bangs. The bright red color looks as fierce as fire. This cut is versatile, fitting for any occasion. To make your hair look more textured and voluminous, use a dry texture spray.

Long Pixie with Swoopy Layers

Try a long pixie with swoopy layers for a chic style. It frames your face beautifully and highlights your best features. Your face will be more visible, giving you a comfy yet trendy look.

Long Champagne Blonde Pixie Cut

Experiment with a champagne blonde pixie for a dazzling, radiant appearance. This cool-toned color shines, steering clear of dull, ashy shades. Plus, growing out the top a bit adds volume and flexibility to your style.

Feminine Blonde Wavy Lixie

A blonde wavy lixie is a great choice for a soft, feminine look. Longer top layers form beautiful waves that frame your face. All-over blonde makes your hair look fresh and young. Remember to use protein treatments and heat protectants to keep your hair healthy.

Modern Shaggy Long Pixie with Long Side-Swept Bangs

Go for a modern shaggy long pixie with side-swept bangs for an easy, cool vibe. This short pixie cut is both cute and shaggy. It’s perfect for those who don’t want to spend a lot of time styling their hair. The long bangs bring an edgy and textured finish to your style.


From bold red hues to dreamy pastel shades, the hottest long pixie cut ideas for 2024 offer endless versatility and style. These trendy long pixies can make anyone look great, no matter their face shape or hair type. They’re easy to style, look good on everyone, and add a lot of fun to your look. So, picking one of these long pixie cuts means you’ll stand out and look amazing.

The long pixie cut can fit any face shape. It works well with different hair textures, too. You can choose from many styles, like timeless or daring. This makes it perfect for women who are always busy.

The trend for the pixie cut keeps changing, and the long version is the latest hit for 2024. Picking a stylish long pixie cut means you’re ready to shine and stay fashionable all year.


What are the hottest long pixie cut ideas to try in 2024?

Long pixies, known as “lixies,” are big in 2024. They’re both short and long for a cool look. You can go for a daring red pixie with bangs or a more gentle blonde one with waves. There are many cool styles to choose from this year.

What is the “bixie” hairstyle and why is it a trendy long pixie option?

The “bixie” mixes a long pixie with the classic bob. It’s short at the neck but longer at the front. This style fits all women, blending a daring pixie with the softness of a bob.

What are some other trendy long pixie cut ideas to embrace in 2024?

For 2024, you might like the off-kilter silver pixie bob or the tapered pixie with ash blonde. A lilac long pixie is also cool, as are options for thin hair. You could also try red pixies with bangs, ones that swoop to the side, champagne blondes, or shaggy pixies with bangs.

How can women with different hair types and face shapes wear the long pixie cut?

The long pixie adapts to any face or hair. Stylists add layers, bangs, or color to make it perfect. It looks great whether your hair is thick, thin, or curly.

What are the benefits of a long pixie cut?

These cuts are easy to style and can change from sleek to messy. They add youthfulness and frame the face well. With plenty of texture, a long pixie is a bold choice.

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