Pixie cut With a Side Part are short and stylish. They have short hair on the back and sides with longer hair on top. When you add a side part, your pixie cut looks edgy and trendy. It suits many face shapes well. A pixie cut with a side part makes you look more stylish. You get a daring but versatile hairstyle. This article will show you the best ways to style your pixie cut with a side part.

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Key Takeaways

  • Pixie cuts with a side part can complement various face shapes, including pear, square, long, round, and diamond.
  • Techniques like channel cutting and layering can add texture and volume to thicker hair types.
  • Side-parted pixie cuts are suitable for long or oval face shapes, while shorter pixie cuts work well for rectangular face shapes.
  • Razoring and feathering can enhance the softness and movement of thicker pixie cuts.
  • side-parted pixie cut can add volume and dimension to fine or thin hair types.

Embracing the Daring and Chic Pixie Cut Style

Pixie cuts are a bold choice for those wanting to stand out. A side part adds allure by framing your face nicely. This style offers many looks, from neat to messy.

What Makes a Pixie Cut with Side Part So Alluring

A pixie cut’s short sides and long top highlight your features. It brings focus to your eyes and cheekbones. Stars like Emma Corrin and Cardi B show that pixie cuts can be both feminine and strong.

Versatility and Face-Framing Benefits of the Side-Parted Pixie

Pixie cuts are easy to care for and great in warm weather. They can be styled in many ways, from updos to soft waves. Styles range from classic to bold, with celebs like Zendaya trying various cuts. A good cut and perhaps a side-swept bang can bring out the best in your look.

Pixie cuts let you play with your style and challenge beauty norms. Top hair pro Jordan Jay Brumant has found inspiration from stars like Rihanna and Halle Berry.

Cutest Ways to Get a Pixie Cut With a Side Part

Finding the right person to cut your hair short is crucial. A skilled stylist is key for a great pixie cut with a side part. Make sure to tell them what you want and your face shape. They can then pick the best spot for the part to enhance your look. Working closely with your stylist is important. Together, you can choose where the side part should go for the best effect.

Finding the Right Stylist and Salon for Your Pixie Transformation

Look for a pro with lots of experience in short haircuts for your dream pixie cut. Check out local salons and their reviews. This is how you’ll find someone who’s great at pixie cuts and can turn your dream into reality.

Discussing Your Desired Look and Face Shape with Your Stylist

Tell your stylist what you’d like your pixie cut to look like, focusing on your best facial features. They’ll figure out the best spot for the side part to highlight those features. Also, share details about your hair. This will help your stylist choose the right cut and products for you.

Choosing the Perfect Side Part Placement for Your Features

Where the side part goes really changes how your pixie cut looks. With your stylist’s help, pick a spot that best suits your face shape. A deep part can make your cheekbones look higher. Or, a soft part can suit a rounder face. Your stylist knows best, so trust them to find the ideal side part placement for you.

Styling and Maintaining Your Gorgeous Pixie Cut

Once your pixie cut is set with a side part, keeping it up is key. Get top-notch styling products like pomades, waxes, and sprays to keep it fresh.

Essential Products and Tools for Pixie Cut Upkeep

To keep your pixie looking sharp, you’ll need a comb, brush, and a dryer. Add in gel, mousse, or hairsprays for certain styles. For daily looks, anti-frizz serum, gel, or mousse on wet hair, then dry and hairspray does the trick. Simpler times might just need a wash, mousse, or pomade and a quick comb.

Styling Techniques to Enhance Your Side-Parted Pixie

Know some styling moves to boost your side-parted pixie. A flat iron for sleek strands or extra product for more oomph is good. Use hair oil or mousse for friend meet-ups, letting it air dry. Beach day? Try salt spray for waves or a cap for protection. Big events might call for irons, shine serum, or protective sprays.

Invest in the right stuff and learn some tricks for your pixie. You’ll enjoy its beauty day by day.


What is a pixie cut with a side part?

A pixie cut with a side part is a favorite short hairstyle. It has short hair on the back and sides but longer on top. The side part adds a cool, edgy look that fits many face shapes.

What are the benefits of a side-parted pixie cut?

This cut can make you look more fashionable in a bold, flexible way. It also highlights your top features like eyes and cheekbones. The side part makes your face stand out more.

How do I find the right stylist for a pixie cut with a side part?

To get the perfect pixie cut with a side part, finding a skilled stylist is key. Choose someone who knows all about short hair. Let them know your style and face shape. They’ll pick the right side part to compliment you.

What products and tools are needed to maintain a side-parted pixie cut?

Good styling products are a must for keeping your pixie cut sharp. Things like pomades, waxes, and texturizing sprays will help. It’s also good to know some styling tricks. Like using a flat iron for smooth hair. Or using a bit of product to create volume and texture.

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