+25 Chic Long Pixie Bob Hairstyles for a Distinctive Look

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Honey Blonde Bixie with Dark Roots

This bixie style blends honey blonde tones with dark roots, ideal for those transitioning from dark to blonde hues. Its longer, shaggier length and natural roots make maintenance a breeze.

Side-Parted Long Pixie Bob

Perfect for growing out a shorter cut or seeking a change, this side-parted pixie bob maximizes volume. Learn the styling steps from your stylist for easy recreation at home.

Textured Long Bixie with Balayage

With light brown balayage adding depth and warmth, this long bixie offers texture and dimension. Its versatile layers create movement, suitable for any face shape.

Playful Long Bixie with Highlights

Embrace sassiness with highlights on this modern bixie. Its layered cut provides volume while keeping length intact.

Chic Long Pixie Bob with French Bangs

Featuring French bangs that frame the face, this chic cut is versatile and stylish, drawing attention to facial features.

Layered Long Pixie Bob with Blonde Highlights

Visible layers, blonde highlights, and dark roots create a trendy yet low-maintenance look, suitable for medium to thick hair textures and any face shape.

Razor-Cut Long Bixie with Bottleneck Fringe

This modern cut with long layers and bottleneck fringe adds texture and movement, ideal for showcasing natural waves and layers.

Edgy Asymmetric Pixie

For an edgy look, opt for a textured bob with an undercut and razored ends, perfect for thicker hair textures.

Ash Blonde Pixie Bob with Textured Layers

Texture is key for thick hair in this modern pixie cut, with point cutting and thinning techniques for manageability and easy styling.

Lovely Lixie Bob with Balayage

Style your lixie bob with curls to accentuate balayage highlights and darker roots for added pop and dimension.

Effortless Very Dark Brown Layered Bixie

Ideal for those hesitant about shorter cuts, this very dark layered bixie offers effortless style and suits various hair textures.

Trendy Asymmetric Lob with Highlights

Add personality to your lob with color blocking and volume at the crown, achieved with blow-drying and a round brush.

Low-Maintenance Long Pixie Bob

Perfect for long tresses needing a chop, this low-maintenance cut accentuates cheekbones and offers instant volume.

Platinum Bixie Haircut

Soft layers around the cheekbones and eyes complement triangle, pear, and oval face shapes, balancing width and height.

Extra Long Bob with Blonde Highlights

Achieve a high-fashion look with cascading length and graduated layers, enhanced by blonde highlights for dimension.

Pixie Lob Haircut

Ideal for volume and texture, this cut suits any woman using matte paste for added lift.

Layered Long Pixie Bob

Long layers add movement and shape, perfect for thick tresses seeking volume and bounce.

Youthful Long Pixie Bob for Women Over 50

Flattering for any age, this playful yet minimal cut requires less maintenance and offers a sleek, bouncy style.

Modern Short Haircut

Style with Olaplex No. 7 Bonding Oil for shine, complemented by wispy bangs to conceal a larger forehead.

Edgy Pixie Bob with Long Bangs

Suitable for any face shape and hair texture, this edgy cut offers versatility with styling options.

Bold Long Undercut Pixie Bob for Thick Hair

Perfect for removing bulk and weight, this bold cut promotes easy styling and a slow grow-out phase.

Soft Vanilla Blonde with Subtle Dark Undertones

If words fail, bring snapshots to your stylist to convey your preferences clearly. Trust your stylist’s guidance when opting for lighter hues. A creamy vanilla shade offers a gentler, more flattering touch compared to a bold, ashy platinum.

Textured Long Pixie Bob

Opting for a long and textured pixie bob instantly rejuvenates your appearance, imparting a youthful glow. Universally flattering on all face shapes, this haircut adds movement and volume. Enhance texture and definition with a sea salt spray.

Jaw-Length Pixie Bob with Fringe

A jaw-length pixie bob complements petite facial features, particularly accentuating the eyes. Softly falling towards the face, it offers versatility in styling. Request a razor cut with fringe from your stylist to achieve this chic look.

Pixie Bob with Eye-Enhancing Bangs

A long pixie bob featuring bangs draws focus to the eyes while concealing the forehead, ideal for minimizing the appearance of wrinkles. This playful style suits various hair textures and can be easily maintained with regular trims.

Ear-Length Feminine Pixie Bob

For those desiring subtle ear coverage, an ear-length pixie bob frames the face delicately, exuding femininity with softly cascading layers.

Trendy Bixie Hairstyle with Highlights for Mature Women

A bixie hairstyle with highlights is a stylish choice for older women, offering a contemporary appeal. Layered pieces swept away from the face uplift and accentuate, creating a flattering effect on aging features. Crown layers add softness and height, maintaining a feminine allure.