+12 Short and Thin Hair Wedge Haircut Ideas for 2024

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Funky Salt-and-Pepper Wedge with Spiky Top

Short hair, but still craving a funky vibe? Try this spiky short cut, ideal for medium to thick hair. Finish with a dry spun texture spray for long-lasting spikes.

Everyday Chic Textured Wedge

A casual textured wedge cut, perfect for those who want manageable yet stylish hair. Layers at the back create volume, adaptable to straight or wavy textures. A bit of texturizing spray enhances the natural waves for a chic finish.

Volume-Boosting Blonde Textured Wedge

This blonde textured wedge adds volume and playfulness. Layers create lift, ideal for fine hair. Sandy and platinum highlights add a sun-kissed look. Easy to style with mousse for volume and a quick blow-dry.

Warm Caramel Swirl Wedge

Warm caramel highlights give a twist to this classic wedge cut. Short, rounded bob with textured movement suits medium-density hair. Longer strands frame the face softly, perfect for softening angular features. Versatile and easy to style with just a bit of mousse for volume.

Bold Black Tousled Wedge

For thick hair, this voluminous black tousled wedge offers a dynamic look. Layers add movement and texture, perfect for daily styling. Requires regular touch-ups to maintain the dark shade’s intensity and shine.

Sleek Platinum Asymmetry

Fine, straight hair shines with this sleek platinum asymmetry cut. Short back with elongated front layers offers a modern twist on the wedge. Dark roots transitioning to light tips add depth and sophistication.

Bold Blonde Highlighted Sculpture

This dynamic blonde-highlighted wedge adds volume and movement to medium-density hair. Asymmetrical layering and close-cropped back give a modern and bold look. Requires frequent trims to maintain precise layers.

Chic Blonde Wedge with Bangs

Playful side-swept bangs and elegant blonde highlights make this wedge chic and versatile. Flattering for thick hair, with darker roots transitioning into a gorgeous blonde.

Effortlessly Elegant Tousled Waves

Tousled waves and soft color gradient offer effortless elegance. Flattering lift at the crown suits medium to thick hair. Versatile for various events, from business meetings to evening galas.

Head-Turning Pixie Wedge

This pixie wedge combines elegance with boldness. Neatly graduated back accentuates the neckline, while choppy layers add movement and youthfulness. Contrasting highlights emphasize the cut’s movement.

Dimensional Highlighted Wedge Bob

Meticulously placed highlights offer a dimensional look, perfect for fine, straight hair. Internal layers create volume, enhanced by the highlights for a youthful glow. Regular salon visits required for color maintenance.

Voluminous Textured Wedge

Stacked layers and piece-y texture provide edge and sophistication. Perfect for thick hair, offering shape and manageability. Combination of lighter and darker tones adds visual interest and accentuates dimensional layering.

Sophisticated Tapered Blonde Bob

This tapered blonde bob combines ease with elegance. Graduation at the back contours the neckline, while volume at the crown adds lift. Highlighted strands create the illusion of density, ideal for fine to medium texture hair. Regular salon visits needed for maintaining lightened tones.