The new year brings fresh trends in fashion and beauty. The short wavy bob haircuts is set to be a star. All signs point towards it being a big hit in 2024.

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There are many cool versions of this classic bob. You’ll find sleek ones like the “mushroom” bob, or edgier ones like the “soft box”. Each style is easy to wear and looks good on different face shapes and hair types. The bob cut keeps evolving, staying ever trendy and new.

Imagine a woman with short wavy hair sitting in front of a mirror. She has a faint smile on her face, suggesting she’s pleased with her new haircut. Her hair is cut in a bob style that falls just above her shoulders. The waves in her hair are loose and natural-looking, giving the impression that she just stepped out of the ocean. The ends of her hair are slightly layered, adding texture and movement to the style. The woman is wearing a simple white t-shirt, creating a minimalist and timeless look overall. The lighting in the room is soft and diffuse, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.

Key Takeaways

  • Short wavy bob haircuts are predicted to be a major trend in 2024
  • Various iterations of the classic bob haircut are gaining popularity, including the “mushroom” bob, micro bobsoft box bobgrown-out French bob, and Italian bob 2.0
  • These bob styles offer versatility, low-maintenance, and a chic, effortless look that flatters a variety of face shapes and hair textures
  • The bob haircut has proven to be an enduring style, with new versions continuously emerging to keep it fresh and modern
  • The article highlights the versatility and enduring appeal of the bob haircut as a trendy and flattering hairstyle for 2024

The Resurgence of the Classic Bob Haircut

The classic bob haircut is making a big comeback in 2024. Known for being versatile and stylish, it’s once again popular. This trend is catching the eye of not only fashion leaders but also fans.

The Mushroom Bob

The “mushroom” bob is leading this revival. This stylish take on the classic is elegant and modern. It features a smooth, sleek, and rounded look. Hairstylists such as Michele Antiga and many others see it as a hit in 2024. This style is just above the chin and looks neat but casual. You can add waves or curls for a textured effect, making it even more adaptable.

The Micro Bob

The “micro bob” is another big trend for 2024. It’s a super-short bob that falls between the cheekbone and jawline, reaching the ear’s base. This length makes it versatile to switch to other bob styles as you grow it out. Neil Moodie says it’s perfect for those wanting a daring haircut. It offers a classic yet standout look.

Short Wavy Bob Haircuts Trending Right Now

The Soft Box Bob

The “soft box bob” is a new twist on the box bob cut. It has clean lines but the ends are styled for a softer look. Miki, a hairstylist, made this look. It can be worn straight, wavy, or curly. It also has wispy bangs to add more softness.

The Grown-Out French Bob

The classic French bob is changing for 2024. Now, it’s longer and has a more casual style. Neil Moodie says this version needs less trimming to keep its shape. It’s still stylish but easier to take care of.

The Italian Bob 2.0

The “Italian bob 2.0” is a modern update of the Italian bob. It’s jaw-length with layers that let it be styled to the side. Younes Khassal developed this style with more weight in the ends. This makes it look more casual and full, perfect for natural waves or curls.

Show a woman with short wavy bob hair in profile view, facing left. Her hair should be tousled and textured, with varying lengths and layers. The ends of the hair should be slightly curled upwards, framing her face. The hair color should be a golden blonde hue, with some subtle highlights. She should have a relaxed and confident expression on her face, and be wearing a simple white t-shirt or blouse. The background should be blurry and out of focus, emphasizing the focus on the hair.


In 2024, short wavy bobs will be a big trend. These styles range from the mushroom bob to the soft box and the grown-out French bob. They all give a chic, easy-to-wear look that fits many face shapes and hair types. The bob is a classic that keeps getting updates. It’s a style loved by those who follow fashion and beauty closely.

The classic bob is making a strong comeback. We see this in the rise of the micro bob, just below the cheekbone, and the Italian bob 2.0, which is full at the ends. These bobs are both stylish and adaptable. People can try various textures and lengths to find what they like.

The short wavy bob shows fashion’s constant change. But, the bob’s popularity proves it’s always in style. Whether you choose a well-groomed mushroom bob or the laid-back soft box, you’ll be on-trend in 2024.


What are the key trends in short wavy bob haircuts for 2024?

The big hits in 2024 for short wavy bobs are the “mushroom” bob, micro bobsoft box bobgrown-out French bob, and Italian bob 2.0.

What are the key features of the “mushroom” bob?

The “mushroom” bob is smooth and rounded. It’s a chin-length style that looks polished but twisty. You can add waves or curls to make it more layered.

What is the “micro bob” and why is it making a comeback?

The “micro bob” is very short, between the jaw and cheekbone, nearly touching the ear. It’s making a comeback because it’s timeless. Plus, it’s easy to grow into other bob styles as it gets longer.

What is the “soft box bob” and how does it differ from the traditional box bob?

The “soft box bob” is a softer take on the box bob of 2023. It keeps the boxy shape but its ends are flipped in. This style looks flowier. You can wear it straight, wavy, or curly. Plus, it has wispy bangs for a soft vibe.

How is the classic French bob evolving for 2024?

The classic French bob is going a bit longer for 2024. It’ll be mid-length, making it more versatile. With this style, you won’t need as many trims to keep it looking good. Now, it’s a bit easier to take care of but still has that cool factor.

What is the “Italian bob 2.0” and how does it differ from the original Italian bob?

The “Italian bob 2.0” is a newer version of the famous Italian bob. It’s jaw-length with more weight at the ends. This adds more casual volume. You can style it to match your natural hair pattern.

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