The upcoming year will focus on simple elegance and healthy hair. Fashion experts expect 2024 to be the year of trendy hairstyles. We will see a comeback of the classic bob haircut. It will be seen in styles from the “Old Money” looks to those from the ’90s.

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Soft bobs and lobs will also rise in popularity. So will styles like pushed-forward pixie crops and grown-out fringes. These looks will let people celebrate their natural hair texture but still look put together. The main idea for 2024 is to choose cuts that are easy to maintain and style, focusing on healthy hair.

Key Takeaways

  • The bob haircut is making a comeback in both “Old Money” and ’90s iterations.
  • Soft, contoured bobs and lobs are rising in popularity, with a focus on personalized fit and movement.
  • Pushed-forward pixie crops and grown-out fringes offer a modern take on short and textured styles.
  • Hair color trends are shifting towards bold, vibrant hues like copper, reds, and pinks.
  • Techniques to add volume, such as blowouts and layered extensions, are expected to be in demand.

The Reigning Bob Haircut

In 2024, the bob haircut is set to be the top pick, thanks to two main styles. Known as The Reigning Bob Haircut, it’s already popular with top stars like Zendaya, Margot Robbie, and Florence Pugh. You’ll also see Gigi Hadid, Sydney Sweeney, and Hailey Bieber rocking bobs too. What makes bobs so cool is their variety: there’s the side-part, blunt, layered, choppy, curly, wavy, classic, and many more styles.

The “Old Money” Bob

The “Old Money” bob is all about elegance, with its soft shape and clean lines. This style takes cues from historic architecture, looking back at the beauty of the Renaissance. It’s a perfect fit for those with natural curls who want to keep their hair short but not too layered. Plus, it’s super easy to manage, especially for those with thick hair.

To really nail the “Old Money” look, a big, full blowout is key. Stylists describe it as “flawless,” “effortless,” and the perfect mix of “classic” and “cool-girl.” This kind of style shows off the bob’s timeless charm and its ability to look good in any setting.

The ’90s Bob

The ’90s bob brings a strong shape with a deep parting and a sleek finish for a stylish throwback. There are several ’90s-inspired bobs professionals suggest, like the Tousled Bob or even the Long Bob (Lob). Tips from experts cover how to style this bob for any hair type, be it straight, wavy, or curly.

Both the “Old Money” and the ’90s bobs have ways of making the neck look longer and suiting many face shapes. There’s a wide range, from collarbone-skimming bobs to super short ones near the chin, proving the bob’s amazing flexibility.

Soft and Contoured Bobs

Experts say soft, contoured bobs and lobs will be popular. These styles can be anywhere from collarbone to jaw length. The important thing is they fit the shape of your face and your hair type perfectly. Hairstylists will talk with you to decide on a style.

They will recommend how the cut can make your face look better. They’ll also suggest ways to add volume and movement to your hair. For people with thick hair, using the right techniques can make it lighter. This can soften the cut’s appearance. If your hair is fine, skillful layering can make it look fuller.

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Pushed-Forward Pixie Crops

In 2024, the classic bob will get competition from shorter, more unisex styles. They’ll feature longer top layers pushed towards the face. Drawing inspiration from the stylish looks of past decades, these pixie cuts bring a sophisticated twist to short hair.

It’s all about the styling. To get that perfect look, use a boar-bristle brush while blow-drying. Also, applying hair products strategically is key. These steps help achieve a look that’s both sleek and natural.

Grown-Out Fringes

Grown-out fringes are also on the rise, fitting well with different hair lengths. They seamlessly blend into longer layers. The secret sauce is cutting the hair while in motion and tweaking it when dry. This creates an easy, relaxed style that’s so in right now.

From curtain to birkin bangs, there’s a style for everyone. Grown-out fringes bring a simple yet stylish way to accentuate the face. It’s a choice that feels new and brings easy charm to any look.

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